Acomodation in Kristiansund

Hoems AS Rooms and apartments offer smart and affordable accommodation centrally in Kristiansund, Møre og Romsdal.

We offer high standard singel rooms and complete appartments
With us you can stay for 1 night or one year- You decide.

We offer flexible check-in and check-out which is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Our single rooms all have their own tiled bathroom with heating cables, shower and toilet, bed, oven towel and bed linen
We have appartments ranging from 2-7 bedrooms

When staying with us you get:

-Free parking
-Free Wifi
- New tiled bathrooms with heating cables in each room
-Free opportunity to wash clothes
-Room cleaning, towls and linene included
- Check in and check out 24 hours a day 7 days a week
- Access to fully furnished kitchen and livingroom.
- The city's best recreation opportunities in the immediate vicinity

Clean sheets and towels are provided- We are looking forward to your stay with us

All our rooms and apartments have wonderful recreational opportunities in the immediate vicinity. Good fishing spots are a short walk away. The city buses pass close to all our rooms and apartments.

We offer accommodation in several places in Kristiansund, both in the city center, and close to industrial areas like Vestbase, OssNor, Dale Industripark – Umoe Sterkoder, Fiskeribasen, GC Rieber Kristiansund, Fortuna Oils and more. Our rooms and apartments are also ideally located for short distances to sports halls and courts, and are a popular accommodation for visitors during handball cups like Shell Cup, Football cups like Dahle Cup, Enga Cup, Slatlem Cup And festivals like Tahiti festivalen, Nordic Light festivalen and Marokko Festivalen.
As well as other events in Kristiansund as Operafestukene, Molde fotballskole i Kristiansund and Liverpool fotballskole i Kristiansund.

Vi tilbyr gode løsninger for Studenter, Hybler med gå avstand til Atlanten VGS. Langtids leie med alt av Internett og strøm inkludert midt imellom sentrum og Høyskolesenteret i Kristiansund. Praksis i Kristiansund ? vi tilbyr også gode løsninger for korttidsutleie, med både sentrum og skolenære alternativ. ta kontakt så finner vi løsningen som passer akkurat deg!

Our rooms and apartments are particularly suitable as smart and affordable accommodation in Kristiansund when you want to experience everything the region has to offer.
Walk in historic "Mellomverfte" og "Vågen", experience the exciting history the city offers Norsk Klippfiskmuseum or experience the world renowned Sundbåten Between the islands
a short drive from us you will find Atlanterhavsveien on Averøy with its fantastic bridges and the new "Svevestien". On the way back you can stop at Bremsnes, the place where Harald Hårfagre cut his hair after gathering Norway into one kingdom.
Hike to the vantage point of Varden, from there you see why the island town of Kristiansund has always been a natural safe harbor.If you look north you see Grip, the beautiful fishing village with a proud history, and one of Norway's famous stave churches
you can also see the magical island of Smøla, with its wind farm and idyllic Tustna with its distinctive mountains.

Be amazed by the Klippfisk, opera, Oil and trading city of kristiansund
Some call it Venice of the north. You will soon se why!

Get in touch for affordable and smart accommodation in Kristiansund